Jimmy Coy,

Asst. Project Superintendent

What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of?
I am most proud of my ability to adapt. This is a new career path for me and I'm looking forward to the challenges that it brings. I'm also proud of my accomplishments from my two previous careers (Formwork Carpenter and Chief Officer).
When you are not working, what are you happiest doing?
When I am not working, my favorite thing to do is go surfing. As humbling as it is, I feel pure joy while I'm out there. I still get magazines from Australia delivered to the house and I'm part of a fantasy surfing competition.
How do you want people to remember you?
I want people to remember me as honest.
If you could time travel, what would you tell your younger self? Future self?
I would tell my younger self to follow the things that bring joy. Sports, Family, Surfing, Fishing, the beach.

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