Sara Griffin,

Project Accountant & Client Relations

Who is someone you admire, and why?
My mother. She is what you call a “hero child”. Her upbringing and circumstances should have led her life down a path of destruction, but instead as a child she decided that her life would be different, and it was. She has proven to me time and time again that we can rise above what life throws at us. Our circumstances do not determine our outcome, we do! Best of all, she raised me to believe in God and I am forever grateful!
Beach or mountains, and why?
Mountains! I love the cool mountain air and the feeling of serenity that it brings. Also, my favorite memories as a child with my family and now with my own children are of spending time in the mountains.
If you could time travel, what would you tell your younger self? Future self?
To my younger self - Slow down and don’t rush into life! To my future self – Hang on tight! The ride might get rough, but God will sustain you and see you through.

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